Dear People of God,

Receive warm Greetings from the Youth Apostolate Diocese of Jinja.

Across the Globe, Youth un employment is a prevalent problem in 21st Century. A 2010 International Labour Organisation (ILO) report reveals that the share of unemployed youth among the total unemployed persons in Uganda is as high as 83%. The Diocese of Jinja under the Youth apostolate office under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Ben Wakabi as the chaplain has embarked on comprehensive programme to empower youths with skills and Knowledge for sustainable Livelihood.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our friend from USA for the generous offer of machines, Time and facilitation sessions given to the youth Apostolate of Jinja Diocese.

This therefore gives me great Joy and Happiness toinvite, call upon and welcome youthsas children from the same family to attend and participate in the ever enriching financial management and Entrepreurship Training for the Diocese organised at Dinearay levels as scheduled below.

13TH July 2017 Jinja-Ground  Breaking Rubaga Students
15th July 2017 Iganga and Budini Iganga Parish Hall.
18th July 2017 Jinja Cathedral Parish Hall
21st July 2017 Kamuli Kamuli parish Hall-Decork hall


Webelieve and Trust that this training will stimulate youth potentials to the fullest and foster togetherness amongst the young generation,equipped them with relevant skills and knowledge to achieve holistic growth and development.

Let us build a strong stable spiritual God Fearing generation as we empower the young generation for sustainable livelihood.

“Development starts with you”.

By Kaagoma Dennis

Chairperson-Diocesan Youth Pastoral council.

Diocese of Jinja.

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