·         To net work and coordinate the youth apostolate.

·         To promote economic awareness among the youths on how to use the available resources efficiently.

·         To create awareness and strengthen the capacity of the youths in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

·         To promote Christian and cultural values among the youths.

·         To promote gender-equality awareness and participation in the youth apostolate.

·         To create and promote awareness in the prevention of drug and substance Abuse among the youths.

·         To organise the youth in order to actively participate in church related activities.

·         To mobilize resources to sustain the youth apostolate.

·         To empower the youths to exploit their potential.


Most of the priests took the initiative to do youth apostolate in their parishes and schools; however in 1966 a centre was created for the youths. In March 1974 it was decided that this centre opens up to older youths. Rev. Fr. Picavet, from Holland started conducting weekend seminars for students within and around Jinja at this social centre. In 1977 Rev. Fr. Wynand Huys (a Mill Hill Missionary from Holland) was appointed  as youth chaplain.

When the social centre was transformed into Uganda Martyrs Minor Seminary, it was deemed necessary to shift the social centre to kiira Road Plot 53 where it is now, known as RUBAGA STUDENTS’ CENTRE. Fr. Picavet continued to work with the youths while Fr. Wynand was the youth chaplain. Rev. Fr. Kees Groenewoud (a Mill Hill Missionary) was appointed Diocesan youth chaplain in 1983 and took up residence at Rubaga students’ centre/Youth Apostolate.. Fr. Kees started working with and among the rural youths, mobilizing, organizing and giving them seminars and trainings on leadership, agriculture and development courses across the Diocese, but also continued with the weekend seminars for the youths in schools, something we are still carrying out as an office/ centre. To date we have a forty year old student’s centre with a large number of active youth. And I want say that for over forty years now the centre has received material, spiritual and financial support from M&O Working group from Netherlands.

The centre now is under the leadership of Fr Ben Wakabi who is serving as the director of the centre and the Diocesan youth chaplain, Fr Anthony Lwerere who is the assistant with the help of a manager of the centre Emmanuel Kawanguzi who also serves as the Diocesan Youth Coordinator. The centre also have other people who help in one way or the other.